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Name:Jack Frost
Birthdate:Jan 3
In the winter of 1712, Jack Frost awoke in a frozen pond somewhere in New England. The only thing he knew about himself was his name, and that only because it was told to him by the Man in the Moon. He quickly discovered that he could control the ice and cold...and that he was invisible and intangible to the people of the world. He would later learn that a select few people could see him--that is, people who believed in him. As he remained a minor seasonal spirit of little cultural import, believers were few and far between, and Jack eventually became accustomed to life alone. Naturally, he was known to other spirits and fairies, but it wasn't long before Jack earned a reputation among them for being childish, self-serving, and destructive. He had always been a joker and a trickster; given power over the cold as well as forced anonymity, Jack soon took to using his powers for his own amusement, often to the detriment of others. While he would not do anything to deliberately harm anyone, Jack saw no problem with inconveniencing both fae and humans for a laugh, and honed his instinct for causing chaos over the centuries.

SPOILERS: Full version of Jack's history

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